Developments in Professional Development

Developments in Professional Development Sunday, December 5th 2021

Please join us on December 5 for five presentations exploring developments in professional development. Covering topics such as the benefits of collaborating with colleagues, the how to of publishing, institutional approaches to personal development, teacher wellbeing, and part-time teacher wellness in the time of Covid-19, this event guarantees something of interest for all educators.

Sessions #1


  • Kazumi Kato, Wendy M. Gough

    This presentation will discuss some of the activities the presenters collaborated on together and how this collaboration benefitted them professionally. It will also give advice about ways to develop good relationships between Japanese and foreign colleagues, which will also result in positive learning experiences for students.

  • Melodie Cook

    In this presentation, former JALT Journal Editor and current Director of Membership Melodie Cook will talk about how to get published in JALT publications. She will also explain what NOT to do.

Sessions #2


  • Jennie Roloff Rothman

    The workshop will then transition to a discussion of the affordances and challenges of creating a successful PD program in the hopes that attendees can leave with ideas that could be applied to their own teaching context.

  • Mary Nobuoka

    This talk will help teachers become more aware of their beliefs, understand the basics of positive psychology and give techniques and interventions to help build wellbeing. The group activities presented in the presentation will also serve as ideas for teachers to engage students when teaching online with Zoom and for face-to-face classroom activities. 

Plenary Speaker (16:00-17:00) The Impact of Covid-19 on Part-time University English Teacher Wellness in Japan: Wendy M. Gough, Chiyuki Yanase, Colin Skeates, Bill Snyder

In this plenary talk, the researchers will discuss the project, and how the above-mentioned factors contributed to negative emotions; mental and physical issues; anxiety; and stress related to occupational and personal factors while teaching online during the first year of the pandemic. We will then shift to a discussion of ways to promote wellness and resilience when adverse situations occur in our teaching environment, and conclude with presenting ideas about how institutions can be more supportive of part-time instructors in terms of clear communication, material support, and professional development opportunities.

Developments in Professional Development 2021

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